• Google Algorithm and Search Updates to Know in 2022

    Google Algorithm and Search Updates to Know in 2022

    Nothing strikes as much fear into the heart of SEO experts all over the world more than another Google update. So terrifying are these events for some webmasters, that they spend years talking about it after it’s happened. There have been some really scary Google algorithm updates over the years (the Penguin update comes to…

  • 8 Easy Steps for Complete Google Maps Optimization

    8 Easy Steps for Complete Google Maps Optimization

    Wanting more visibility for your business is one of the greatest wishes of basically any serious local business owner out there. Turning this wish into reality should not be an impossible task. By making use of directories like ours on BusinessDirectory.com, and optimizing for local SEO, you should find yourself a step ahead. Another tool,…

  • How to Use Online Features to Complement Physical Stores

    How to Use Online Features to Complement Physical Stores

    Everything has gone online, and there’s no reason your business shouldn’t too. One of the major impediments facing businesses looking to establish a market on the internet is the erroneous belief that somehow physical stores and online stores cannot co-exist. Many believe that there will be too many clashes to make it work, while some…

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