1Voice Voip Phone System Provider



6226 S Dixie Hwy #44, Miami, FL, 33143, UNITED STATES




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1Voice Voip Phone System Provider is a versatile Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP solution. Our main goal is to decrease workload while increasing the productivity within the workplace with our state of the art Desktop and mobile application. We offer a variety of different features and services that integrate seamlessly with your business. Our features include everything from your basic phone call and fax monitoring your workforce from the palm of your hand. We connect your world and take your business to new heights. There are peak times when your team canu2019t answer all calls immediately. It is not a problem when you have an effective queue feature set up in your phone system. A call queue places callers on hold while your team members are on other calls and assigns them a number in the queue. When your employees are available, the queue routes the call to the next available person. Are you sure your sales department doing their best? Or your customer support always there for the clients? We are not saying they are not. But you never know unless you can analyze calls made by your VoIP phone system. With call data records you always know: the time and date of the call; the duration of the call; the phone number owner (either the person or business); whether the call was answered, sent to voicemail or missed. Bring your team together in one place u2014 no matter where they are in the world. Send and receive messages or files with top speed and high quality of connection. No need to worry that you will miss something while you are away from your office. Stay in touch with colleagues with only one app. So, texting or calling u2014 what do you prefer when itu2019s about business communication? Our VoIP phone systems for business at the Essentials plan and above can be set up in multiple sites. How it works? Business phone calls originating in any of your locations will show the same number or company name on caller ID. This is an important feature for businesses that operate in more than one area code such as chains, franchises, or companies with a nationwide presence. No matter what type of phone system you were using before, we will provide you a comfortable and easy transition to the 1Voice Voip Phone System Provider phone service. Changing provider: We secure the safe passage of all of your phone numbers and reassembles your call flow to ensure maximum efficiency. Connecting for the 1st time: Using our platform can help you communicate more effectively with your team and customer base. Switching from Analog to VoIP: There are no hardware costs involved with VoIP when you host your PBX with 1Voice Voip Phone System Provider, so you may save up to 65% over an analog system as we take care of all the hardware and maintenance for you. Call us at 7863712371.